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I Robett Szabo, administrator of Panzio Teglas from Bifolau, am awaiting a collaboration in the year 2020 with Sports Performance Evolution represented by Florentina Ghica. After the great results from our collaboration in previous years.

Robett Szabo – Jan 31 2020

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Building character through Tennis
How tennis builds characters and why is that a leadership profile? Tennis is an individual sport, there is no one
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Recovering from an athletic injury
Recovering from athletic injury can be a difficult process. Even though it is mathematical based processed with linear improvement is
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How to cope with pre-competitive anxiety
Pre-competitive anxiety is an arousal that is unpleasant or negative. How the athletes think about the sports competition and not
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The correct way to do long exhalation breathing
How to do it: Lay on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat. Place one hand on
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